How to use Go4Clients to optimize communication and relationships with your clients?

1. Notifications about status updates and location of packages

Send automated emails indicating the status and location of the order, with a tracking code, for them to have updated information over time, providing calm and confidence to the client.

In this way, they will know the progress of their order and relieve their anxiety!

2. Information about the delivery

Sending an email estimating the delivery date and time and the information about the agent that will deliver it will provide them with certainty about who is knocking on their door and the tools to complain, given that they do not show up for some reason.

On the delivery date, please send an email reminding them that the order will arrive today and reinforce it by also sending an SMS. In this way, you will make sure that they have been adequately notified and present in their homes at the right time. They will also realize the outstanding service provided!

3. Electronic receipts

Send the electronic receipt through email and make sure that it is delivered to the right person while you contribute positively to the environment.

4. Satisfaction surveys

Keep track of how your customers perceive your services and evaluate the level of satisfaction achieved! This will allow you to analyze the areas of improvement and optimize the provided services to accomplish better results over time.

Start automating your
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Keeping constant, fluent, and effective communication within the logistics industry is essential to guarantee the highest customer satisfaction!

At Go4Clients, we make it simple, saving you time and resources.

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