Graphic introducing Go4Clients solution that allows agencies to use a marketing automation strategy Graphic introducing Go4Clients solution that allows agencies to use a marketing automation strategy

Why Go4Clients for agencies?

The more clients we have at Go4Clients, the more we realize that while everyone has a need for Marketing Automation, very few have the knowledge, experience, and staff to design and implement effective campaigns. This is how many of our clients began to ask us not only to offer them the tool, but also to advise them and / or implement the entire strategy and implementation of the campaigns, to guarantee quick and effective results.


Graphic showing how Go4Clients offers dedicated support implementaion of mobile and email landing pages

Dedicated resources to ensure success

Go4Clients offers you everything from the implementation of a Landing page charged by the hour, to the assignment of a specialist in marketing automation dedicated to your account.

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Production of campaigns by Email, SMS and / or Voice.

Our team of experts takes care of the end-to-end implementation of your campaigns, whatever channel you need to communicate.

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Graphic showing Go4Clients marketing and engineer experts supporting on campaign creation and strategy
Graphic displaing how Go4Clients offers expert consulting on your marketing automation strategy

Planning and design of marketing automation strategy

Not only do we support the sending of your campaigns, but you can also count on the advice or consulting of our experts in your marketing automation strategy.

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Content creation and graphic design

We make the graphic and / or written content that you need for your strategies to be successful. We are governed by your brand guidelines, so that your customers experience is the same across all channels.

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Graphic showing Go4Clients expert graphic and content creators to make your campaigns stand out & receive better resutls
Graphic showing how agencies can have a global view of reporting and analytics on all marketing efforts.

Periodic report of results

We analyze the results of your campaigns and provide you with easy-to-understand analytics, as well as recommendations and improvements that we may find.

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Integration of digital marketing tools via API

We can integrate with tools your company currently uses in sales and marketing to enhance your business strategy. Integrate your CRM, Lead Forms, and more in minutes with Go4Clients. Improve your customers’ user experience one step at a tim

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Graphic showing how agencies can integrate any digital marketing tools like CRMs, Social media, or forms to enhance their strategy.

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