Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

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Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

Create custom voice menus with Interactive Voice Response

Go4clients interactive voice response feature allows you to create custom voice menus with our IVR solution. Use the menus to redirect clients to the right extension, the first time with just the press of a key. Our IVR feature also offers text2speech to create dynamic voice messages in multiple languages, voices and tones.

Go4Clients’ IVR Analytics provides powerful real time statistics so you can learn from your data and improve your campaigns.

IVR features

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

With Go4Clients you can create your own IVR menus and personalize the IVR trees with no limit of number options and complexity within the decision tree. By including IVR’s to your voice campaigns or call transfers it will allow users to press a key and be redirected to a call center, receive a call back from an agent, or redirected to your call center specialists. Add an opt-out key number to allow consumers to stop receiving calls from your organization in the future and stay CTIA compliant.

Concurrent call sessions

Set the amount of simultaneous calls you would like to come into your call center. Whether you have a maximum of 10 or 10,000 agents, we can limit the number of concurrent calls to support your call center size and be able to scale with you.

Call Re-dial

Our re-dialing feature lets users set up multiple call retries to increase phone call answer rates. For best usage, set up the call re-try after 5 to 15 minutes and track with analytics to make sure the call was answered.

Campaign scheduling

Schedule IVR campaigns and test delivery times to ensure they are being delivered at the optimal conversion hour of the day. Check your analytics and call reports to see what items are most selected in your IVR. Scheduling your campaigns will maximize your efforts.


Track the path users took on your IVR campaign with our analytics. See what actions users took to be transferred to the specific department. Optimize your campaign delivery and options to push your users to the options that work best for them.

Audio message options

Go4Clients offers a variety of options for user to try on their IVR campaigns. These include:

  • Text2Speech with different voices & language **Premium Voice available
  • Record your voice message onto the platform
  • Use Voice Parameters to change pitch, volume, pauses, and more

IVR benefits

  • Personalized IVR phone calls can increase interaction rates with your brand.
  • Simple call transfers with phone menu.
  • Increase productivity by re-directing customers to the correct department.
  • Inbound call redirect: set inbound calls to be redirected to another phone number or IVR.
  • Track what users are clicking in the phone tree to identify most wanted product, or most desired transfer.

How to setup an IVR

4 pasos sencillos que describen cómo lanzar una campaña IVR
4 pasos sencillos que describen cómo lanzar una campaña IVR