Convert Your Email Lists Into Hot Leads

Go4Clients SMS marketing platform allows you to maximize your data by turning your email data into mobile data. With our easy double opt-in process, just send an sms through our Compliant Messenger to all your users and make them sign in with a mobile number converting your email opt-ins into sms opt-ins.

Email To SMS Benefits

Maximize Unused Data By Converting Email Data Into SMS Data

You can maximize your unused or old data by converting email opt ins into sms opt ins and start targeting and retargeting all those leads you thought were lost through SMS and email. Increase your conversion and open rates increase which can lead to greater sales.

Target And Retarget Clients Through Email And SMS

Now that you converted your email data opt-ins into SMS opt-ins you can retarget and target your audience through email and mobile immediately. From introducing a similar offer to audiences ready to make their next purchase, or text a special offer to someone who hasn’t been engaging with email marketing.

Compliment Email Campaigns With SMS

SMS is the perfect compliment for email campaigns because with SMS you can reach your audience immediately. The open and response rates of SMS are greater than those of email. By sending an email+SMS with the same content can help you and your company increase conversions, mobile clicks, open rates and generate more sales.

Soft Opt-In

The email to SMS process allows you to opt-in data TCPA compliant.

Complement your emails with SMS. Read rates with SMS 98% within 3 minutes, adding SMS to your Email campaign strategy helps users respond to your messages more quickly! Fill out the demo form to receive a test message from the platform.

Email-2-SMS Process

4 Easy steps describing how to use Email to SMS to convert into sales with Go4Clients
4 Easy steps describing how to use Email to SMS to convert into sales with Go4Clients