Go4Client Features Include

SMS Campaigns

Go4Clients tools allow you to create and send personalized SMS text campaigns with promotions, offers, and notifications. Emotionally engage your audience with your product or service to increase ROI, open rates and conversions. Go4Clients can make sure our text message routing is being delivered appropriately through our TestMySMS system. We work with you to keep your campaign running smoothly.

Landing Pages

Go4Clients allows you to drive more conversion actions with Personalized Landing Pages. Track the performance of the campaigns by recording engagement actions by the SMS audience. Start increasing your ROI with data-driven decisions today!

Voice Campaigns

Voice Broadcasts campaigns can be used to reach a huge audience in minutes. Voice Broadcasts are campaigns that trigger phone calls to users expressing promotional offers, reminders, information, or facilitates customer service for consumers. By sending voice campaigns you can increase conversion rates, revenues, and call center efficiency.

Call Transfers

Including call transfers to your SMS or Voice campaigns will help you increase customer service and engagement, by allowing your customers to be redirected to agents immediately and there are greater possibilities of closing a sale.

Database Management

The Go4Clients database management allows you to import customer data directly to Go4Clients with any standard spreadsheet format. After importing your list, run it through the Database cleaner, which will scrub your file prior to send to ensure your campaign won’t send to landlines, invalid mobile numbers, or consumers on the Do Not Call list (DNC). Also, our system will identify dismissive keyword responses and remove users who do not want to receive SMS messages in the future by adding them to the black list in real-time.

Success Stories

Go4Clients has worked across many industries,
check out some of our lasting relationships and success stories below

Go4Clients successfully grew a program of marketing program of 70 leads per month, to converting over 25 thousand new leads per month to major credit card companies like American Express.

“The results are widely known across the Mexican market prompting other financial institutions to seek out Antevenio for similar projects and therefore growing our mutual business and strengthening our relationship.”

Go4Clients created a procedure to monetize their current mobile numbers database. Utilizing our promotional SMS campaigns sending special personalized offers to current customers while inviting new prospects to become part of the Sam's Club family.

“Walmart trusts in the service and the quality we provided them. They have steadily increased their traffic and are currently running around 2M monthly SMS Messages. Every month new brands and dynamics are added to make the campaigns more effective.”

Global Mind's Bueno Inc. business is sending hundreds of thousand of SMS text marketing messages per month to all of Latin America. Converting the SMS to inbound calls with Go4Client's Live Call Transfer feature which keep the massive contact centers constantly servicing and selling products and services to their customers.

“The performance and results from using Go4Clients have been highly successful, with Bueno Inc tripling their monthly budget for their SMS campaigns in order to scale efficiently with Text Message Marketing.”