Go4Client features include

Icon showing SMS marketing being delivered to your database

Text message campaigns

Start using text message campaigns to engage with your audience with special promotions and offers. Integrate SMS into your marketing strategy and track the performance of your SMS message campaigns with our complete real time Analytic tools. Increase interaction between your brand and your customers, start using the communication channel that your customers are most comfortable using.

Icon showing how mobile landing pages are used to drive conversions

Personalized landing pages

Go4Clients lets your build Personalized Landing Pages that gives you the freedom of creating visually appealing offers for your SMS campaigns. Create mobile Landing pages for your prospects that mainly engage with your brand on your phone. Go4Clients offers a variety of templates that allows a user to use images, videos, text, and Call-To-Action buttons. Track how each campaign is performing & what your customers are most interested in with our included analytics suite.

Icon showing how voice broadcast feature engages customers

Voice campaigns

Our Voice Broadcast tool allows users to send a phone call to users using Text2Speech or pre-recorded voice. Send reminders, information, and more to your customers to engage with your brand. Our Voice Broadcast can also include IVR feature, which gives a customer the option to press a key to be redirected to a specific department.

Icon showing how call transfers will help by redirecting customers to agents

Call transfers

Go4Clients unique Call Transfer tool is perfect for Call Centers. Our tool allows users to engage with your brand through SMS or Voice, and be redirected to an agent. This has proven to increase sales amongst different vertical as it allows the customer the option to contact you easily!

Icon showing how Go4Clients will assist with Data management

Database management

Use our Database Cleaner to scrub and understand your data. With our tool, you can view which numbers are landlines, invalid numbers, and numbers from the Do Not Call List (DNC). This will help you better understand what information your customers are giving you when they register or sign up to receive messages on your website.