Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

SMS marketing has powerful conversion rates

Go4Clients tools allow you to create and send personalized SMS text campaigns with promotions, offers, and notifications. Emotionally engage your audience with your product or service to increase ROI, open rates and conversions.

Go4Clients can make sure our text message routing is being delivered appropriately through our TestMySMS system. We work with you to keep your campaign running smoothly.

SMS text campaign features


Personalization is the best way to attract your customers attention. With Go4Clients you can personalize each message and send them promotional offers they might be interested in. By doing this, customers will become more loyal to your brand. SMS can increase engagement, increase conversions and fill the gaps in your marketing funnel.

Database management

The Go4Clients database management allows you to import customer data directly to our platform with any standard spreadsheet format. After importing your list, run it through the Database cleaner, which will scrub your file prior to sending your campaign to ensure your message will not be sent to landlines, invalid mobile numbers, or consumers on the Do Not Call list (DNC). Also, our platform will identify dismissive keyword responses and remove users who do not want to receive SMS messages in the future by adding them to the black list in real-time.

SMS sending

Go4Clients assigns you a set of toll free numbers and long code local phone numbers to guarantee the speed and deliverability of your messages. Using short codes our platform has the capability to send 1 million SMS per hour. Use the “Cool Off” feature to not allow you to contact the same phone number no more than once within a specific number of days.


After creating your campaign, you can schedule your messages to be sent when you want them to. Scheduling can be done by day and/or hour, once the schedule is complete it pauses automatically resumes the next day giving you control over your campaign spending and limiting overflow to your call center. To avoid sending messages or calls at inappropriate hours, setup the hours of operation for individual US state and international time zones.

URL shortener

Go4Clients will shorten urls, rotate links and allow you to use your own domains if you would like. Sending unique short urls to your customers for tracking and retargeting purposes can increase ROI.


The Go4Clients analytics feature is an important feature to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our platform will track the deliverability of messages, actions taken by users, see who clicked on the short-links, identify if phone numbers are from landlines or cell phones, and most importantly keep track of the performance of your SMS campaigns.

Benefits of SMS text marketing

  • Go4Clients has global coverage
  • We will work with you to ensure all your messages are delivered.
  • Go4Clients API allows you to send and receive SMS directly from your CRM or call center, saving you time and increases efficiency.
  • Call Tracker: Our call-tracking services allows you to assign a different phone number per campaign and compare results to see the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • Reach your audience immediately and keep them engaged. 93% of users open a message within 3 min of receiving the message.
  • We will pre-qualify your leads using SMS, Landing Pages, and IVR. If the lead is ready to take action, we could trigger any of these actions:
    • Send the information to your CRM via API
    • Trigger a call between the lead and your call center
    • Send a welcome message, push the user down your funnel.
  • Use our message rotator and automatically generate different creative messages to optimize the SMS campaign performance.
  • With a 160 character limit on a single SMS message, use our short link generator to use the available characters for your SMS campaign text.

How it works

4 Easy steps showing how to send an SMS campaign with Go4Clients
4 Easy steps showing how to send an SMS campaign with Go4Clients