Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

Join 10,000+ other businesses that automate their communications with Go4Clients

Tracking individual user clicks
is easy with our URL shortener

Do you want user-level data to show which creative message, which URL, and which user type converted on the SMS message? Do you want to track with 1 to 1 granularity? Do you want to see this data in google analytics? You can instantly with Go4Clients URL Shortener. This level of tracking provides the tools you need to optimize your message to the individual user profile.

Our shortener can do more than just SMS. Use it to track your Social, Display, and Email channels in 1 location. Do you have an affiliate network? You can track all of the clicked links from all your affiliates with 1 tool and compile that information in google analytics to view demographic information on users who still need to convert to a lead in your CRM.

  • Convert long url to small url
  • Track every click on each landing page that your use on your SMS, Emails, Display and Social Media
  • Track each user individually: Generate Unique short urls for each user in your sms campaign.


1 to 1 individual tracking:

1 URL will be used for user or creative and each landing page can be different for each short link created.

Many URLs to 1:

Individual URL Tracking setup for many different users each going to the same landing page with unique tracking parameters.

Short URL to landing pages:

Connect a Single or Multiple URLs to any of the landing pages built in Go4Clients.

Link tracking and analytics:

Track all of your campaign links with one system! Use the URL shortener for your SMS, Email, Search, Social and Display Campaigns. Get real time analytics on who and what creative is performing.

Google analytic integration:

Embedding UTM parameters using a URL builder: Track your SMS efforts along with your other marketing channels. Use the google retargeting system to follow up with your SMS campaigns.

Easy retargeting:

Use our easy to use retargeting process to send a follow up SMS message to those users who opened the link and a separate SMS message to those who didn’t to push them to convert.

Benefits of the URL shortener

  • Fast: Redirect to your landing page long URL with all your necessary parameters.
  • Easy To Use: Setup in minutes, use many different individual tracking URLs to 1 page, create short links for Go4Client landing page templates, or any single url.
  • Track all of your campaigns with 1 tool.
  • Real Time Analytics tracks click campaign performance
  • Demographic information on the user, Device Type, Browser Type, User Location, and New / Returning User stats.
  • Visualize your click campaign performance by date and time, with easy to read charts.
  • Retarget individual user who clicked or did not click on the link with SMS Retargeting.

How it works URL shortener

4 pasos que muestran cómo funciona Go4Clients URL Shortener
4 pasos que muestran cómo funciona Go4Clients URL Shortener