What is the Go4Clients Chat Center

Go4Clients Chat center allows you to chat via SMS with each of your customers or prospects.

It is designed for lead generators to quickly identity unhappy customers, attend exiting customers and engage with interested prospects.

With this tool your customer service experience will improve drastically, you will close opportunities that could not be identified before, and reduce your risk of dealing with unhappy customers or prospects.


• Chat with many leads in real time from centralized interface.

• Use filter to display only message with unidentified keywords. You do not need to see all the messages with “STOP”, but you would like to see messages with phrases like “DON”T BOTHER”,Etc”.

• Identify unhappy customers and include them in the black list.

• Receive real time reports on incoming messages and quickly decide which prospects need to be contacted immediately, which ones need to be followed up, and which ones need to be placed on the black list

• Discover new opportunities from answers that could not be identified before. For instance: YES, INTERESTED, MORE INFO.

• Improve your customer services drastically using SMS Chat.

• The best customer service tool to deal with Millennials.

How it Works

1. Select the phone numbers that have sent you a text message. You can filter by dates, campaigns, Keywords, sender id, specific text, etc

2. Click on the phone number you want to chat.

3. Write the message and start the new chat session

4. If you want to chat with another client, select the phone number and start the chat session.


Adding a customer to the black list

With just one click, quickly black list contacts that don’t want further communications from you.

Customer service

Offer immediate support and quickly resolve live requests from your customers via a 2-way chat.


Available real time reports enable prompt decisions on your marketing strategy.

Drastically improve your customers’ overall experience, reduce attrition due to “frustration,” while simultaneously providing the critical intelligence your organization is missing to identify and close opportunities previously undiscovered


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