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Go4Clients’ Partner Program allows you to collect commissions on all referrals and resales with zero risk or commitment.

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Value Added Partners Earn Up To 80% Commission!

For our Value Added Partners, Go4Clients is offering 80% commission your very first month for the first 10 accounts sold (40% from the 11th account on) and 20% recurring commission for each and every month your clients renew.


Referral Partners' Setup is Easy and Free

It’s free to join our Referral Partners' program, and configuring your account is quick and easy. Start referring customers in just minutes. When a customer clicks on your custom referral tracking link, a cookie will be logged in their browser and will track any purchases, thus giving you credit! Word-of-mouth? No problem! We’ll make sure you get credit.


Go4Clients’ Partner Program has two types of partners:

Value Added Resellers

By reselling Go4Clients’ cloud-based marketing platform solutions, our Value Added Partners can accelerate their clients’ growth and profitability. Become a VAR and take advantage of a rewarding commission and business enhancement program.

Referral Partners

A referral partner is a company or individual that sends prospective leads to Go4clients via their website, blog, social media, email or any other digital channel and receive a rewarding commission fee for a period of time.

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Rules and Requirements

Please read the following before signing up:

  • All participants in the US must enter a US Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID. International affiliates simply enter “International” in this field.
  • You may NOT receive credit for referring yourself or others within your organization.

Become a Go4Clients partner today!