About Us

"Telintel, Go4Clients parent company, is a multinational company founded in 1997 with headquarters in the United States, Operations in Colombia, and presence in over 8 countries worldwide. Is an active member of the GSMA, an association that represents, regulates, normalizes, implements and promotes the interests of mobile operators worldwide.

Telintel has more than 900 interconnections and global coverage, through which we drive traffic that exceeds 2 million minutes and 5 million SMS per day. The company is positioned in the international market as an operator, with value-added solutions in telecommunications, supported by a powerful department of research, development, and innovation Go4Clients was born.

Go4clients is an omnichannel, cloud-based platform that offers SMS and Voice features, that when combined, generate effective results for the marketing strategies of our clients. Increasing the possibility to improve Engagement, Retargeting, Customer Care, Loyalty, and more.

All these results are reflected in the % of Conversion Rate optimization and therefore, in the increase in your ROI.

For over 20 years, we have been working to bring the best telecommunication technology to our clients, with the main purpose of adding value to the way they communicate. "

Why Choose Use:

Go4Clients’ powerful features allows companies to more effectively market, sell, service & survey to their clients. Our TCPA Compliant Messenger provides a legal alternative for mass marketing to consumers that have not opted-in to receive an SMS marketing offer from your organization. With no licensing costs or maintenance fees and simple APIs, Go4Clients provides a true out of the box solution that can be used the moment you sign up!