Previous situation

Banco Falabella, through their BPO, required a friendlier way to reach and motivate their Credit Card holders to pay on time, and at the same time allow immediate payment alternatives.

Interactive channels

This notably improved communication
between the Bank and its users.

More accounts

Increase in the indicators
of collection of accounts by 15%.

SMS + Landing Page

Banco Falabella went from
sending simple SMS to SMS + Landing Page


Go4 SMS with Landing Pages, being a multimedia interactive channel, facilitated Banco Falabella to reach their users in a Non intrusive yet massive way.

User clicked on the landing page in the SMS and had the option to Click on a Pay Now button or Call customer service to initiate the payment.


Banco Falabella, thanks to Go4 has changed their approach to sending simple SMS to always complementing them with powerful Landing Pages.


Increased collection indicators for account receivables by 15%.

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