Previous situation

It was necessary to gather information and evaluate the opinion of the women participating in the project, “Improving access to reproductive health services for survivors of Sexual Violence in Honduras,” within the context of COVID-19.

New communication

Calls, SMS and Landing page
as communication and interaction channels

Personal surveys

It was evaluated through an interview
of 16 questions for better results.

Successful evaluation

We gather the necessary information
without the need for face-to-face contact


Within the services that Go4Clients has to offer, the prerecorded call, text message, and landing page services were chosen. These communications channels allowed us to interact in-depth and collect the information necessary to comply with the evaluation by the consulting company.

· It consisted of a call that was made to each of the participating women. This call had the function of informing that the survey was going to arrive through a text message.

· Landing Page with the survey for those who could access mobile or landline internet. This survey consisted of 16 questions.


A 16-question survey was conducted on a group of women in Honduras to evaluate the results of a project. This was done, without having the option of face-to-face interviews and without access to smartphones or the internet, in a rural area amid COVID-19.


It was possible to evaluate these women and gather the information sought without having the option of face-to-face interviews, and without access to smartphones or the internet, in a rural area and amid COVID-19.

The project, managed in Valesa Consultoras by Marcela Sánchez Lara, it's executive director and expert in sexual and reproductive rights, was considered, by the United Nations Trust Fund (who financed it), the only one that achieved contact with the target population within the limitations that accompanied the pandemic. This was in addition to the inherent communications difficulties in the rural sectors of Honduras or, in general, in Latin America.

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