Previous situation

ICETEX, a government student loans company, was very slow at performing collections. A 7 head contact center was able to reach out to about 100K students per week to remind them of their late payments.


Students contacted
in 2 hours

Resource enhancement

The area was able to dedicate its time to other responsibilities


Automatic payment
reminder to students


Go4Clients Voice Broadcast was used to upload the database for collections and initiate automated and personalized calls to students to remind them of the late payment.

Go4 reached 100K students in 2 hours, allowing for the Customer Service area to dedicate themselves to more complex and value driven responsibilities.


Icetex was so successful in recovering payments that it incorporated SMS reminders of upcoming payments to furthermore reduce collection efforts. The latest polls show increased customer satisfaction vs. their prior old school collection calls.


Increased the efficiency of collections massively and at the same time reduced costs by more than half.

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