Previous situation

A very popular global chain of Luxury All-inclusive Hotels urgently needed to increase collection efforts for vacation packages they financed.


The brand was doing an old fashion manual collections effort through its internal Call Center. The 5 people team would send collection emails or try reaching by phone thousands of customers and typically would collect around U$1 Million in about 1 month.

More collection

With our SMS system, Karisma
was able to double its income

More clients

The client collected in a week,
what he used to do in a month

Automatic processes

The call center service was
automated in collections


By using Go4Clients in their account receivables the Hotel Brand was able to collect millions of US dollars via powerful SMS campaigns in just a week.


A 400% increase in their collections allowed the hotel Brand to collect in one week what it usually took 5 people to achieve in a month. A welcomed result also included the cost savings and potential to better monetize the 5 people team that now had more time to perform more customer-focused and valuable actions.


Go4Clients via its enormous capacity to massively contact end-users via SMS, Email, or Phone calls is the best way to automate and optimize many customer engagement processes resulting in faster, more efficient results often with increased customer satisfaction and even internal costs savings for brands.

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