Previous situation

- COVID context - It was necessary to update telephone numbers for the elderly population. The vast majority were not very familiar with new technologies and without access to the internet, emails, or smartphones.

Call services

We create a flow of automation
and interactive calls

Updated info

With the calls, we update the
information of 714 thousand older adults

New Contact Center

It is used to receive occasional
calls, which improved the flow


Through the Go4Clients Calls service, an automation flow based on Automatic Calls with the possibility of interaction through the keyboard or voice was created.

In the first instance, it would ask if the communication was with the right person. If so, the data was updated. If this was not the case, it asked if they knew the indicated person. If the answer was affirmative, it asked the indicated person's telephone number, and it preceded to contact them to carry out the data collection.


The information of 714 thousand older adults was confirmed and updated thanks to the automated call with keyboard and voice interaction automatically. The Contact Center was only used to Upon seeing the missed call on their cell phone, receive calls from people who returned the call to the EPS number upon seeing the missed call on their cell phone.


The information of 700 thousand people was updated, within a database of 900 thousand older adults, in the middle of preventive isolation due to the pandemic in 36 hours.

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