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Online Adjusters provides general contractors with a suite of services designed to enhance the claims submission and supplement process to insurance carriers resulting in a higher overall reimbursement and faster pay cycle.

Better comunication

30 million claims to be
completed and shipped within 90 days

Customers load

Program implemented
for any future emergency

More Clients

Increase in the
contractor client base by 40%


Go4Clients was able to upload Online Adjustor clients and assist in obtaining a national list of contractors for online adjusting. Using SMS with Dynamic Landing Pages, Online Adjusters was able to secure over 30 million claims to be supplemented and submitted over a 90-day period.


The program's success prompted Online Adjusters to launch a second project offering contractors financing options providing them working capital to take on additional customers while waiting for insurance payouts.


Increased contractor client base by 40% reducing cost per acquistion by 133% as compared to existing telesales process.

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