Previous situation

National Police required a communication media with Officers assigned to protect specific city quadrants. A phone number per quadrant was required which should be routed to the Officers' mobile phone and taking into account each Officers' shift.

Specific solution

Virtual Mobile PBX, a
customer-oriented solution

3,300 quadrants

We expanded the attention
of the quadrants for citizens

More security

We optimize the
security of Colombian citizens


Go4Clients specifically developed a solution with Virtual Mobile PBX that point by point matched the requirements of the customer. Now all incoming calls from citizens requesting police aid are routed directly to the active Officer in charge of their specific quadrant.


The program started with 300 quadrants in Medellin and due to its resounding success is being expanded to 3,300 quadrants in the entire country. Additionally Go4 Virtual Mobile PBX will automatically route to 123 (central police aid number) when an Officer in shift is not available.


Optimized use of Police resources improving communication between citizens and Police officers and drastically reducing police response times to emergency calls.

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