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We all know that Facebook Lead Ads are a great tool for lead attraction, but not everyone knows the flaw that could cost you business opportunities.

The problem marketers face when using FLAs is that Facebook doesn’t notify you when new leads complete and submit their forms. Thus, it doesn’t allow you to have immediate information, risking you to lose sales opportunities.

Good news! Facebook didn’t manage to fix this problem, but we did.

Get instant information from your ads

Receive notifications from your Facebook Lead Ads instantly and send immediate responses by email and SMS. How? By receiving the information directly in your CRM and/or automated marketing platforms, such as Go4Clients.

By integrating with Go4Clients you will be able to manage your Facebook Ads and receive automatic notifications as soon as a lead arrives.  You will have the data directly and immediately, allowing you to respond automatically: faster and effortlessly.

Several studies show that responding to a lead within the first 5 minutes significantly improves conversion rates. Waiting longer than 5 minutes reduces the chances of getting leads by 80%.

Automated responses: The key to success

It is quite normal not to be able to respond to inquiries personally on the spot. Therefore, the key to conversion is to automate the sending of responses via email or SMS. Aside from the fact that it allows you to reduce costs, of course.

Send immediate automated responses to ask people for more information, send links to information or simply to let them know that you have received their inquiry and that you will be in touch.

Giving feedback within minutes of receiving the inquiry generates value and establishes a positive brand image. The immediacy makes the interested person feel listened to, valued and respected.

Connect with DRIPS and discover a new way to communicate

Connect your ads with Drips by Go4Clients and generate an automated multichannel strategy.

By integrating your ads with Go4Clients you will be able to send your leads information directly to your Drips campaign, sending responses automatically and instantly, under the selected communication channels.