Facebook Lead Ads and SMS: the secret to increasing your conversions.

Facebook Lead Ads and SMS: the secret to increasing your conversions

SMS is a useful, direct, and convenient tool for customers to receive information. Incorporating this communication channel into our campaigns and combining it with alternative channels will optimize the results of our conversions. Fortunately, Go4Clients allows us to integrate text messaging with Facebook Lead Ads to improve the experience of our users and increase our databases.

Once leads provide their information by completing the Facebook Lead Ads forms, it is the company’s responsibility to contact them as soon as possible with an appropriate response and thus maintain their interest in our service. Although there are several ways to maintain communication, SMS is an instant way to reach the customer’s smartphone.

Go4Clients Automates the sending of text messages.

Unlike an e-mail, SMS have a 90% chance of being opened and read by the time they reach the user’s phone. Also, because they are texts of around 160 characters, their content is attractive, direct and simple to understand. Getting to the point with communication is key to keeping the customer’s attention.

Campaign benefits with Go4Clients

Companies can ensure that they maintain fluid communication automatically, instantly and in the pocket of the clientele. Take advantage of SMS, the customer’s preferred channel. For a pilot test, go to the Go4Clients website and get started instantly. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to integrate Facebook Leads Ads and SMS!

A campaign that combines Facebook Leads Ads with SMS ensures a fast and concise flow of communication. Achieving this integration through Go4Clients is as well: it does not include installation or infrastructure expenses or additional costs.

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