March 2, 2021

Go4Clients 10DLC Summary

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In the last years, spammers have used SMS and MMS across all industries affecting regular users and legitimate enterprises. In an attempt to block spammers and allow legit companies to send their messages, the 10DLC service has been launched.

What is a 10DLC?

A 10 DLC is a regular 10 Digit number approved by the operators to send SMS and MMS

Why is important to have a 10DLC approved to send the campaigns

  • The most important reason is that the campaigns will not be blocked by the operators once they are approved and they continue sending the approved content.
  • The second one is that it will be cheaper to send approved campaigns than non-approved campaign
  • Also, your users will get familiar with your 10DLC creating brand recognition

Which Carriers are enforcing the 10DLC campaign registration service

  • Only AT&T
  • Verizon has not announced yet a partnership with the campaign Registry
  • T-Mobile and Sprint have announced the 10DLC fee schedule but have not announced the launch date.
  • Other networks have not announced information yet


What is the procedure to send campaigns using 10DLC

  1. Register your brand. 
  2. Migrate or obtain a 10DLC. If you already have a 10DLC you can migrate it to Telintel ( Go4Clients’ parent company) or you can obtain a new one in
  3. Submit the message content for approval. Please fill the 10 DLC Campaign Approval Form. We will submit the campaign on your behalf. The approval response will include if it was approved, maximum sending speed approved, and the level of risk associated with the campaign.

What are the 10DLC fees and cost

Each operator has established their own fees schedule.


There are multiple fees that are directly dependent on whether your numbers are registered or not as well as how they are registered. See AT&T’s Network Access Fees below.

AT&T network access fees (NAF’s) for unregistered traffic beginning March 1st 2021:

  • $0.002 – per SMS message. Then 0.004 starting on TBD
  • $0.035 – per MMS message. Then 0.005 starting on TBD

AT&T NAF’s for registered traffic beginning March 1st 2021 will vary based on campaign type (see table below):

 AT&T 10DLC Network Access Fees

Standard Message Classes Description TPM (transaction per minute) SMS Carrier Fee MMS Carrier Fee
A Russell 3000 Company – Single Use Case 4,5 $0.003 $ 0.005
B Russell 3000 Company – Multiple Use Case
C Large Business – Single Use Case 2,4
D Large Business – Multiple Use Case
E Medium Business – Single Use Case 240
F Medium Business – Multiple Use Case
T Small Business 75
N* (**) Agents, Franchise, Local Branches 60
W** Sole Proprietor 15
Special Message Classes
S** Social Engagement 60 $0.003 $0.005
K Election Campaigns 4,5
X** Emergency Services/Public Safety N/A N/A
P Charitable – Only Non-profit 501(c)3 2,4
Y* (**) K-12 Education 720
G* (**) Proxy Numbers/Bridge Services/Anonymization 60 $0.003 $0.005
Individuals/Groups that do not fall into any other class*** Unregistered Traffic During Grace Period $0.0020 then $0.0040 starting after grace period $0.0035 then $0.0050 starting after grace period


$0.00305 per sms for all traffic.

T-Mobile and Sprint

A2P 10DLC SMS per message fee (MT outbound and MO inbound)
$0.0030 per registered message

$0.0030 per unregistered message ($0.0040 starting on December 1st 2021)

A2P 10DLC MMS per message fee (MT outbound and MO inbound)
$0.0100 per registered message

$0.0100 per unregistered message ($0.0130 starting on December 1st 2021)            

What is the end price a sms will cost?

Please note that the end price you will pay per sms, will be the Go4Clienys SMS cost + NAF ( Network Access Fee) from each operator. Go4Clients do not benefit in any way from those access fees, they are charged directly by the operators.

What are the campaign registration costs

This also depends on the carrier:


The following are the costs if you register your brand and the campaigns directly in the Campaign Registry web site.

Item Cost       Type
BRAND REGISTRATION FEE $ 4  One time for each brand
2FA $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Account Notifications $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Customer Care $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Delivery Notifications $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Fraud Alert Messaging $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Higher Education $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Low Volume Mixed $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Marketing $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Mixed $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Polling and voting $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Public Service Announcement $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Security Alert $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Carrier Exemptions $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Charity $ 5  Monthly for each Campaign
Conversational Messaging $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Emergency $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Gambling and Sweepstakes $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Political $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Social $ 10  Monthly for each Campaign
Large CSP Trial $ 0  Monthly for each Campaign

Go4Clients can process your brand registration for $25 once,  and the campaigns for $15 a month (3 months minimum. This Campaign Registry requires to pay 3 months in advance per Campaign.)


To be determined

Sprint / T Mobile

$50 NRC per activated or migrated campaign starting on March 1st, 2022

What is the maximum speed ( sms/sec) I can use to send my campaigns?

This also depends on the Carrier.


AT&T will use the campaign registry information to assign a maximum speed based on the risk level according to the AT&T Network Access Fee Table ( above).

If the sending speed is not high enough for your needs, we will have to apply using one of the vetting partners below.

  1. Aegis Mobile – The Campaign Registry has created a submission process within its portal to submit the additional vetting request. The cost of this request is a one-time fee of $40.00. The request process is usually completed within minutes. However, it can take up to a week.
  2. WMC/GLOBAL -. If you wish to go through them for added vetting, it would need to be done directly. Can do so by clicking here. If approval is given, they will give you a unique ‘vetting Identifier’. Go4Clients can then import that identifier into your Brand’s profile within the registry which will instantly give you the higher approved throughputs. For the associated costs, you will need to reach out to WMC/GLOBAL directly.
  3. Campaign Verify – Campaign Verify is a non-partisan, non-profit service for US political campaigns, parties, and PACs to verify their identity. If your business is running political campaigns and you are needing a higher Trust Score, you are best going through them for the added vetting. If approval is given, they will give you a unique ‘vetting Identifier’. Go4Clients can then import that identifier into your Brand’s profile within the registry which will instantly give you the higher approved throughputs. For the associated costs, you will need to reach out to Campaign Verify directly.


To be determined

Sprint / T Mobile

To be determined 

Why am I required to enter my TAX or EIN Number?

This information will allow the Campaign Registry to ensure the business legitimacy. If you do not  have one you might try your social security number but there is no guarantee it will be accepted.

How many campaigns will I need?

You need one campaign per use case. If you are sending a campaign for marketing purposes and another one for alerts, you might require 2 different campaigns.

How many numbers can I associate with a single campaign?

Remember, the main purpose of The Campaign Registry is to allow for verified businesses with valid use cases to operate freely and in a successful manner (and to filter out those that are not). That said, if there is a valid use case to use more than one number via a single campaign (ie…you want to show locality), registry provides an input where that can be approved.

What is the deadline?

AT&T expects businesses to register their Brands, Campaigns, & associated 10DLC numbers beginning March 1st but no later than June 1st 2021.

How long does the registration process take?

The registration process consists of two parts.

  • Brand registration: this is done directly in the Registration Campaign so it it almost instantaneous
  • Campaign registration. It can take upto 48 Hours We expect this process to take few minutes in the near future

How will I know when I am registered

Our dedicated Customer Support Representatives will be working closely with you from the time you have submitted your request until all steps have been completed.

Once I am registered, can I send anything I want?

No! , Only the approved content

What if I change my messaging content?

If the content change is related to the same use case you used during the initial Campaign approval process, no changes will likely need to be made. Otherwise , you might need to change the information in the registry. If you are not sure, please contact one of our Support Representatives.

What if I want to add an additional number to my current campaign?

As mentioned above, as long as there is a valid reason you are needing to add an additional number to a current and active campaign, you are able to do so. Contact our Support Representatives to start that process (the process is fairly quick).

How can I add a new Campaign?

You can start the process by contacting our Support Representatives.

Is there a campaign registration API?

Not Yet

Will there be daily messaging limits?

None of the carriers have announced a daily messaging cap

What if I send messages to Go4Clients at a higher throughput rate than I am approved for?

Go4Clients will queue them and send them at the approved speed.  NOTE! As mentioned above, the additional approved throughput limits are not in place as of yet. The current 10DLC throughput limits are 1MPS (Message Per Second) for both SMS & MMS messages.

Do these changes affect my Toll-Free Numbers?

No! The Campaign Registry applies to 10DLC (ten-digit long code) numbers ONLY. Toll-free numbers as well as short codes are not affected or related to this ecosystem.

Do these changes affect my short codes?

No! SignalWire currently only offers dedicated short code services. Dedicated short code services are not affected by these changes.

What about other mobile networks?

This whole ecosystem is still very new as well as a large industry change. The Campaign Registry is continuing to work with all the MNO’s and we expect them all to join in the near future. We will provide those updates accordingly.

Do these changes apply everywhere or just in the US?

These changes currently only apply to 10DLC numbers sending messages to AT&T numbers. If you are sending messaging exclusively outside of the US, no changes need to be made at this time.

What if I am already registered on The Campaign Registry with another provider, will I need to re-register again when migrating to Go4Clients?

Yes! Each messaging provider is its own CSP (Campaign Service Provider) & registered uniquely with The Campaign Registry. If you are migrating from another provider, you will need to go through this process.

If I am migrating from another provider, will my messages be blocked before I am registered with Go4Clients?

No! Your current registration will remain in place until Go4Client’s registration overwrites the current information. Thus allowing for zero disruptions.

What if I switch to another provider in the future, will I need to re-register?

Yes! As mentioned, each messaging provider is its own unique CSP (Campaign Service Provider). Therefore, you would need to go through the same process with the new provider when switching over.

Can I have numbers with multiple providers at the same time?

Yes! However, you would need to register with each provider accordingly for each set of numbers.