Your CRM is your Gold Mine

Cobranza Your CRM is your Gold Mine CRMs are great for collecting and organizing information. But, what are you doing with that data? Are you using it to promote new services to existing clients?, to improve your clients loyalty? to recover lost clients? to collect? to entice and repurpose old leads that could be interested […]


Cobranza E-commerce One of the fastest growing industries in recent years has been the E-commerce industry. Every year more people make purchases through virtual stores and in  moments of social isolation this industry has become more relevant. Hence, it is vitally important to keep your store’s customers informed about the status of their orders, purchase […]

Compensation Funds

Cobranza Compensation Funds Compensation Funds are entities that provide a wide number of services ranging from health, education, sports, entertainment, culture, and financial supports, among others, all of these for their affiliate base. Go4Clients can be a useful tool in each of these services, with the unique ability to segment a single database, that groups […]

Finance and Banking

Cobranza Finance and Banking The routine operations of a banking or financial entity can be optimized with the use of automation and multi-channel mechanisms such as those offered by the DRIPS of Go4Clients: Send information via SMS with short-url that allow access to form downloads (ie applications to credits, credit cards or other services), or […]


Cobranza Health In times of health crisis ( like COVID 19), the health system is extremely vulnerable, if the necessary care is not taken. The contributions of Go4Clients range from the most obvious, to make the public widely aware of the care they must take to prevent contagion, and the actions to be taken if […]

Call Centers

Cobranza Call Centers Regardless of whether you are a Call Center, Contact Center, Collection Agency, Marketing Agency, Financial Institution, Software Company, etc., all these operations have many similar concerns: They constantly face the challenge of improving profitability and management indicators based on the use of technologies, which also allow them to innovate in their service […]


Cobranza Collections Collections is a very delicate topic since nobody likes to be charged. Collecting is an artform that demands knowledge of which channel to reach out on, which words to use, and the most opportune moment to do so. Technology improves recovery by offering tools ranging from informative but not intrusive to highly intrusive. […]

SMS Marketing Automation

Cobranza SMS Marketing automation SMS Marketing is a very good alternative because of its instantaneity and high percentage of opening. 98% of SMS are read in the first 3 minutes. The success of the campaign is measured in conversions, that is, how many users performed the desired action. The conversions depend on: Group of users […]

Email Marketing Automation

Cobranza Email Marketing automation Email marketing is based on sending a message promoting a service or product to a group of users. Success depends on: User group. How close is the user group to what is being promoted? This point depends entirely on your database. Content: How attractive is the content to the user and […]